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  • Edgar, World Champion Kickboxer

    I want to say that I am very much satisfied with Dr. Bolanos and his staff. On the day of surgery, Dr. Bolanos came to check on me and once again explained the whole procedure, what exactly was fixed in my shoulder and how soon I could start being physically active, which is very important to me!

    - Edgar, World Champion Kickboxer

  • Jonathan, Masters Water Polo Gold Medalist

    At age 56 my right hip was in bad shape, my quality of life had become affected to the point where it was hard to walk for any distance and sleep well at night. I am so glad I selected Dr. Bolanos to do my hip resurfacing surgery since he also does the standard total hip replacement and is familiar with both surgical options.

    Ten weeks after surgery I was back in the pool swimming and even standup paddlesurfing in the ocean! Not only was I able to join my masters team in the FINA World Masters in water polo, but we also wound up winning the gold in the final!

    - Jonathan, Masters Water Polo Gold Medalist

  • Eric

    As an avid outdoorsman and backpacking enthusiast, it came as quite a blow when in 2009 I was forced to back out of a planned backpacking trip due to hip pain. Realizing it was time to seek professional help, I was referred to Dr. Bolanos who diagnosed osteoarthritis in my hip and advised that a replacement be considered. My immediate response upon receiving this dismal news was to question whether I’d ever be able to backpack again. Much to my surprise, his response was that many hip replacement recipients return to the active lifestyles enjoyed prior to the onset of arthritis, included backpacking.

    Despite lingering trepidation, but realizing I had few options, I opted for a hip resurfacing procedure and underwent surgery in November 2009. The recovery was nothing short of amazing. Not only was the pain gone, but I was up and walking the next day, although admittedly it wasn’t much more than a shuffle, and started physical therapy only a couple weeks later.

    Shortly after my stitches were out I was back in the pool swimming laps and began workouts at the gym on the elliptical. This continued throughout the spring and by summer I was strapping on a backpack and conditioning in the local hills.

    The real test came in August when I joined a group for an 8-day, 40 mile backpacking trip in the Sierras. Amazingly enough, I had no problems and, in fact, I often forgot that I was hiking on an artificial joint.

    My backpacking adventures continued at the same level of challenge until this year when my 24 year old daughter convinced me to join her in hiking the John Muir Trail. Now, for anyone not familiar with the John Muir Trail, it follows the backbone of the High Sierras 220 miles from Yosemite to the top of Mt. Whitney through some of the most rugged terrain imaginable. For 19 days, we carried everything on our backs in packs weighing 45+ pounds up and over passes 12,000-13,000 feet high and back down again. We repeated this routine on an almost daily basis. And while the trip proved to be the most physically challenging I’d ever undertaken, not once did I experience problems with my hip.

    In view of my experiences with a resurfaced hip these past four years, the advice I’d give to anyone struggling with the pain and physical limitation caused by arthritis is don’t delay your replacement. The sooner you make the move, the sooner you’ll be back to doing all the things you enjoyed before the onset of arthritis.

    And for anyone wondering about my daughter and how she fared, she’s an incredibly fit and able backpacker and did an amazing job on the John Muir Trail!

    - Eric

  • If it weren't for Dr. Bolanos and his nurse Cindy, my knee would still be in great amounts of pain. He is very thorough, and his front desk staff are very nice (funny too). Thanks Dr. Bolanos. You saved my knee a lot.

    - Nicholas Vejmola

  • I had a bucket-handle tear of my meniscus that dr Bolanos did an excellent job of cleaning up. I found Dr Bolanos to be too notch, he stands out in that he takes time to clearly explain what is going on and how the surgery will remedy the problem. In a day when "customer service" is quickly becoming a thing of the past, Dr Bolanos is a breathe of fresh air

    - Michael Freeman

  • Doc. Did replace my hip in 2/05 and my knee in 1/13 they work great!!! God Bless Dr. Bolanos

    - Bart Price

  • Dr Bolanos saved me from redoing an ankle fusion and did a great job fixing my left knee.

    - Jim AHl

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